Clean And Health Livestock

We are creating a bright future for the livestock industry together with our customers.

Woosung Feed

Woosung Feed was established in 1968 and has grown together with customers by playing a leading role in the development of the livestock and fishery industry in Korea, which was like a barren land. It has contributed to the improvement of farm productivity and profits by insisting on only producing high-quality compounded feed for over 50 years because of a sense of mission to supply safe and delicious protein to the people.

Woosung, which has achieved steady growth, is producing 400 products at 3 domestic business sites, and is realizing rapid feed supply and customer service at 7 sales offices and 120 agencies.
Furthermore, with a global vision, we established vina branch in Vietnam in 2003, followed by a branch in Deokju, China in 2005, to become a global feed company in name and reality and to lay a foothold to secure global competitiveness.